Thursday, October 4, 2012

New to -- My current techie projects

I am new to the latest blogging platform, where you can connect many of your social media accounts so that if you blog in one place then the postings go out to all of hte different venues.  As I may have mentioned recently, if you know me, I have been working on several web design projects. 

1. A local small business that specializes in hog control and guided nightvision hog hunting expeditions in South Georgia.  I have been building thier web pages in the Joomla CMS as well as doing thier SEO, which is coming along nicely.  We are beginning to reach the higher pages on Google and a few other search engines for several keywords.

2.  I have just started on my own personal web project. which is going to be an instructional website devoted to learning Spanish.  Just like my pervious project with hogpredators, it will also use the Joomla CMS with an added Moodle component.  I have just started the very beginnings of this so things are not up yet.  But, I am very excited since when I am finished I will have a fully functional online school platform with slots for 25 students complete with units and everything. 

3.  I am still working for Ashford University and teaching online college classes.  I am about to start one devoted to Teaching Methods for English Language Learners.  So, as always, I am excited about what cool things that I can do for my students to help them access the knowledge better and in more creative ways.  I have typically provided them with audio lectures as well as written resources but i am toying with the idea of doing some brief videos for my upcoming class.

In conclusion, I really like the ability to post in one place that Posterous provides and I am sure to use it much in the future.  Please stay tuned for upcoming blog posts. 

S. Garland


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